Installation costs vary based on a number of options:

  • What type of charger? A 60 amp charger costs more than a 40 amp to install because of heavier-duty wiring and breakers. Trident Electric can help you select the right charger for you, and for your budget.
  • Where is the charger being installed? If the charger location is close to the main- or sub-electrical panel, it will be less expensive. Costs can increase if it is a distance from a sub-panel, possibly requiring wire runs through attics, crawl spaces, or in outside conduit. Our electricians can help you find the ideal place for your install, based on your home and your needs.

Each installation is unique. That’s why Trident Electric Service is happy to provide a free estimate to ensure you have a safe and compliant installation tailored to your home.

Contact us now for a quote or to schedule your installation.